Accident Injury Lawyer Protects Rights Of NJ Residents

Gill & Chamas, LLC, based in Woodbridge, NJ, is offering the community the full extent of their resources in personal injury cases. The firm represents clients who have been wronged as the result of another’s party’s negligence, and they do everything in their power to ensure victims receive the compensation they deserve. See more here: Accident Injury Attorney New Jersey.

In an accident, there are often one or more parties involved (directly or otherwise) who contributed to it in some way. In some cases, such as those involving drunk drivers, it can be a fairly straightforward process to determine who is responsible. However, this is not always the case, and many cases can require an in-depth understanding of a particular industry in order for a victim to successfully prove they were wronged. This success can also be measured in how much compensation is won, especially given that insurance companies will often make every attempt to downplay the full scope of the responsible party’s alleged negligence — thereby reducing the final amount they may have to pay.

Accident Injury Lawyer in New Jersey

Gill & Chamas exists primarily to fight for the rights of the victim, and their advice is always the same in the aftermath of an incident: the victim should seek medical help as quickly as possible. This is also true in ‘minor’ accidents, such as so-called fender-benders, since health problems like whiplash may not be immediately evident. The longer a victim takes to receive professional care, the more likely it will be that any injuries they sustain will become more severe.

There is another reason the firm recommends seeking medical help, however. Doing so, they explain, creates a paper trail that can be used as evidence, and professional documentation of an injury can be invaluable when the opposing party attempts to reject (or obfuscate) the victim’s claims of injury or suffering. Evidence, such as third party testimony from witnesses, experts and so on, can also help. Fortunately, while the average person will find it challenging to both collect evidence and identify what will help their case the most, an attorney with experience in accident injury cases will be able to fight on their behalf. See more here: Accident Injury Lawyer NJ.

The firm deals with a wide variety of personal injury cases, involving virtually every type of accident imaginable. Among the most common of these are traffic accidents, with special attention often given to collisions with trucks and motorcycles (due to the excessive potential for damages). However, the firm also works with clients who were injured in an accident at their workplace, near or in a construction site, on a train and so on. They even help clients who lost their footing and fell over, in what is known as a ‘slip and fall’ accident.

Whatever the case may be, Gill & Chamas strongly advises against speaking to insurance adjusters and so on before consulting with a lawyer. Insurance companies, they point out, have a vested interest in protecting their profits, and accepting claims runs counter to this goal. As a result, they will take any opportunity to either reject a claim or minimize how much compensation will ultimately be awarded. They will also rely on the victim’s ignorance and inexperience with NJ law regarding personal injury to pass over any obligations they may have.

Essentially, this means that an individual who has suffered an injury has nothing to gain from speaking to such entities. In fact, they have much to lose since their words may be held against them in the future. The best course of action is always to contact a New Jersey personal injury lawyer.

Gill & Chamas, LLC offers everyone a free case evaluation when they get in touch about a personal injury case. During this evaluation, the firm will listen to the client’s account of the accident in question and help them consider their options. Should the client choose to work with the firm, they will do everything in their power to win the maximum compensation possible.

The firm can be reached via phone or email, and clients may request a consultation via the official Gill & Chamas, LLC website. The firm can also be found on several social media platforms.


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