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Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), which is based in Boca Raton, FL, and provides helpful resources on rehab treatment, has recently published a trio of articles. The first article explains what is an effective response to a failed drug test. The second article looks at the substances that need medically supervised detox for safety reasons, and the most effective means for such a detox process. The third article looks at the possibility of Suboxone addiction and what is required to be clean from this medication-assisted treatment alternative.

Failing a drug test can have dire consequences for the individual, both personally and professionally. It can result into the denial of some benefits, the loss of a job, and even criminal charges in a number of cases. Many companies have a random drug testing program as an effective way to have a safe and productive work environment. This may include drug or alcohol test, which usually screens for illegal drugs like recreational marijuana use, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, and other drugs. If an employee tests positive, they may be questioned regarding their substance use. Depending on the company policy, an employee who fails the test may lose their job subject to state laws.

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Pre-employment drug tests may also be required and failing the drug test may mean disqualification and failure to get the job. In some cases, the applicant may be given the chance to explain the results. The best possible defense after failing a drug test is to honestly acknowledge using drugs and a commitment to getting help, which FAR can help with.

The second article is about locating detoxification facilities nearby for help. There are various forms of drug and alcohol detox. Cold turkey detox without medical supervision can be very risky. Medically assisted detox is usually recommended, and this is usually offered by some of the best rehab facilities. Rapid detox is becoming increasingly popular. This method promises to put the individual to sleep, and after waking, the withdrawal symptoms are supposed to be gone. However, results of studies indicate that this practice of rapid detox can be dangerous.

The physical danger of rapid detox is that even when asleep, the body experiences a certain level of trauma as the body eliminates the toxins from the body. A person who is awake is able to mitigate the dangers, such as getting suffocated from vomit but a person who is asleep cannot. Heart attacks and other complications may also occur while the individual is asleep. That is why a medically assisted detox is recommended and the FAR team can help in referring some of the best facilities offering them.

The third article takes a look at the addiction treatment alternatives for Suboxone. While this medication is used for the treatment of opioid addiction, it may also be misused when taken in large doses and more frequently than prescribed by a doctor. Withdrawal symptoms include headaches, nausea, insomnia, muscle ache, sweating, fatigue, depression, anxiety, agitation, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and drug cravings. Treatment options for Suboxone addiction include detox and inpatient and outpatient programs. The FAR team can help people understand all the treatment alternatives and get them started on the road to recovery.

Find Addiction Rehabs maintains a website that serves as a resource for individuals who are interested in drug and alcohol rehab centers either for themselves or for their loved one. This website publishes guest blogs and expert articles that offer the latest information on rehab programs in different locations in the United States and the results of the latest research on addiction, addictive substances, and the most up-to-date rehab and treatment techniques. The FAR website is not the typical directory listing or directory website that only lists drug and alcohol rehab facilities and their contact details.

They are encouraging people who are struggling with an addiction and want to schedule detox and inpatient services to contact them on the phone, which is available 24 hours at any day of the week. Those who want more information, such as knowing if Suboxone addiction can occur, can visit the Find Addiction Rehabs website or contact them on the telephone.


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