Greenwald Law Firm Offers Criminal Defense Attorney Services in Middletown and Orange County NY

Greenwald Law Firm, a firm based in Middletown, NY, is offering criminal defense attorney services in Middletown and Orange County, NY. They are ready to protect the rights of those who have been charged with serious crimes, such as drug crimes, sex crimes, arson, DWI/DUI, and more. Their criminal defense lawyers have the experience required to represent their clients in their criminal case. And they fully understand the concerns of their client when facing criminal charges. Other serious charges that they can help with include: weapon crimes, robbery and burglary, assault and violent crimes, grand larceny, forgery, violent school crimes, and more.

Attorney Greenwald says, “When looking to hire a New York criminal attorney nearby your location, we understand your concerns and we understand them well. No one wants to be treated with less than complete respect or pay for inferior legal representation. We pride ourselves with only bringing the best to the table with qualified and experienced NY attorneys who will leave you satisfied…big case or small. We have built our solid reputation on it! You can be completely confident when you choose Greenwald Law Firm that you have made the right choice and we will go the extra mile to make you another satisfied customer.”

Those who are facing drug charges are at risk of mandatory federal prison sentences. Fortunately, Attorney Greenwald and his team have significant experience in handling such charges in state and federal courts. He knows what it takes to fight against serious drug charges in the State of New York. He also understands that there are several ways to fight against a drug charge. Options may include having the case heard in a drug court and going to outpatient or inpatient treatment. Or the client may participate in the Shock Incarceration or the Willard Drug Treatment Campus.

The law firm is also experienced in handling criminal sexual conduct charges. Just being accused of committing a sex crime will cause the accused to suffer from damage to their reputation, resulting into a lot of stress and pain. They want to emphasize that it is vital to have an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who can put in place an aggressive defense. Depending on the evidence that the prosecution may have, the criminal defense law firm may collaborate with private investigators, polygraphists, forensic specialists, and other experts who can help in assessing the specific case and testify on behalf of the client. They will also interview various witnesses against the client to find out if there are any weaknesses in their stories. They can help with various kinds of sex crimes charges, such as: rape, attempted rape and statutory rape; lewd conduct, peeking and indecent exposure; prostitution and loitering; crimes against children; possession of illegal pornography; and failure to register as a sex offender.

The Law Office of Benjamin Greenwald NY Criminal Defense Attorney is keen on protecting the rights and freedom of their clients, in which they have been successful for over a decade. Attorney Greenwald has already helped thousands of clients from the Orange County area and has tried and won many cases at the state, county, and federal levels. He has also provided legal representation for various appeals in both the appellate term and appellate division. He has already represented thousands of clients and has been successful in a number of cases throughout the Hudson Valley area. He specializes in representing those who have been placed in unfortunate situations. As a highly experienced trial lawyer, he is knowledgeable and experienced on what needs to be done to win in the courtroom. The law firm offers legal services to the Hudson Valley area that includes Dutchess County, NY, Sullivan County, NY, Hudson Valley, NY, Ulster County, NY, and Orange County, NY.

People who are interested in the criminal defense services provided by a Greenwald Attorney can visit the Law Office of Benjamin Greenwald NY Criminal Defense Attorney website or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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