Police clear people and reported hidden traps from park near 'Cop City' site in Atlanta

CNN —Several syringes containing fentanyl and a Molotov cocktail were among several potentially dangerous items found during an operation to clear a public park in Atlanta Monday, local officials said.
DeKalb County police headed a multi-jurisdictional operation to clear unauthorized people, vehicles and purported “hidden traps” at Intrenchment Creek Park and secure its entrances with concrete barriers.
The park is situated near the site of a controversial proposed police and fire training center dubbed “Cop City” by its opponents.
Police confiscated “a Molotov cocktail, booby trap boards with rusty nails protruding out, and several syringes containing Fentanyl” during the operation, according to a new release from DeKalb County.
DeKalb County Police Chief Mirtha Ramos said the task force encountered three people during the clearing operation.
On Friday, the DeKalb County CEO closed the park via executive order due to what he called safety concerns after officials reported finding “life-threatening” hidden traps at the park.
“They confiscated booby traps, boards with nails that were hidden by leaves and underbrush.
A DeKalb County official said hidden traps, including boards with nails hidden by leaves and underbrush, were found at the park.
DeKalb CountyThe park is near the proposed site of a proposed $90 million, 85-acre training facility for police and firefighters.
Activists have called the move to close the park an excuse to criminalize the climate activists working to preserve its green space.
The park will be reopened to the public once it has been secured, the county said.
Thurmond, the county CEO, said he “understands the pushback against Cop City, but this is too far,” referring to the reported booby traps.