NYC man sentenced to 25 years to life for fatal Long Island home invasion

A Long Island, New York, judge sentenced a man to 25 years to life on Monday after a jury found him guilty of murdering a man during a home invasion in November 2018.
Ade N’Gaii, 39, was convicted by a jury for his part in the murder of Kristopher Appel, 30, of Patchogue, during a home invasion.
During the trial, the prosecution presented evidence that placed N’Gaii at the crime scene on Nov. 2, 2018, and that he and his accomplices conspired to commit a violent home invasion at Appel’s home to steal money and marijuana.
The attempt was unsuccessful, because N’Gaii and his accomplices were unable to physically break into the home.
Rather than give up, a second planned home invasion was planned for Nov. 2, 2018, which turned out to be fatal.
The group disguised themselves as construction workers by outfitting themselves with hard hats and reflective vests.
N’Gaii and another person were able to force their way into Appels home and got into a confrontation with him before beating and stabbing him to death.
Members of the Suffolk County Police Department found Appel’s body in the front vestibule of his home that day.
Along with that, detectives recovered a reflective vest with N’Gaii’s DNA at Appel’s home.
N’Gaii was ultimately arrested on June 24, 2021, and on Feb. 24, 2023, a jury found him guilty of second-degree murder.
His desire to enrich himself was so great, that it led to murder," said District Attorney Tierney.
"Now, he’ll get to spend a significant time in prison for that choice."